We find pathways through complex issues, ensuring we deliver commercially driven economic and social benefit to our clients.

Our team works with business, all tiers of government and the community throughout Australia and the world.

We can resource projects focused on:

Analysis- understanding context
Investigation and audits
Development of strategies
Management (internal and external) review
Improvement recommendations

Finding common language
Taking account of corporate cultures
Introducing agreed pathways
Establish unified frameworks

Stakeholder engagement strategy
Management of community outrage
Relationship building
Consensus building

Cultural Heritage clearance and engagement
Native Title mediation, negotiation and engagement
Meeting facilitation
PBC governance-including Director training

Promoting cooperative behaviour
Engaging systematic community conversations
Facilitating large community meetings
Encoring transparent decision making
Reporting to the community
Facilitating community partners

Native Title and cultural heritage
Matters involving violence
Complex community unrest
Company community disputes

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